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    Eliminating the damages that can occur after a flooding situation is not easy work, and that is why it takes the skill and expertise of water damage San Pedro professionals like Moty Banyas who owns 911 Restoration Long Beach to be done properly.

    Water Damage Restoration CleanupWhen it comes to fluids invading your home or business, fastidious action is required and that is why Moty and his water damage San Pedro team are ready and willing to help out with any project with technicians available 24/7/365 so that no matter when the challenge occurs, it can be taken care of quickly by the best.

    “Not only are we available at all times to take on a project, but we can also respond on-site within 45 minutes of a call for help,” Moty says. “This way we can get straight to work finding the source of the problem, extracting the water, and giving people back their home or business as quickly as possible.”

    Beyond being able to get started on projects immediately, Moty and his water damage San Pedro crew also make sure to bring the latest drying technology and advanced suction equipment to every job.

    “This allows us to give people the absolute best restoration experience possible for their home or business,” Moty says. “No matter what size job it is that we take on, we make sure to use the right tools for the job so that the property is properly taken care of at all times when in our hands.”

    If your home or storefront has recently experienced, or is presently going through a water damage event and you want it taken care of by the best in the business, then contact Moty and the water damage San Pedro crew with 911 Restoration Long Beach today!

    Preventing Water Infiltration and Damages in San Pedro

    When it comes to making homes and businesses whole again after a water damage incident, there is no one more capable and ready for the challenge than Moty and his water damage San Pedro team, but they are also specialists with preventing water damage in the first place through maintenance tasks as well.

    “We field calls every day from people who just want to get an idea of how they can go about protecting their home or business from a water damage situation,” Moty says. “And the calls really start to pick up for advice when the weather gets a bit crazy like it is now. So we took the time to create a list of all the little things that people can do to protect their property on their own.”

    • Water Damage Restoration Of Downstiars WallNever let debris clog your gutters at the roof line as this may cause an overflow in high wind and that can spread, separate, and ruin roofing layers that keep your home or business protected.
    • Direct the discharge from your downspouts away from your building’s foundation to ensure that liquefaction doesn’t take place and destabilize your structure.
    • Check your property for trees that are overhanging the building and trim any branches that may threaten to fall in high wind or heavy rain.
    • Do a regular check of your plumbing system to determine if there are any areas of corrosion or rust that may cause a leak or a burst under pressure.
    • Have a plumbing expert take a look at your whole system with a scope to check for any areas that may need more attention.

    “This list touches on the most prominent reasons water can cause damages in your home, but these are not all of the things that can be done to prevent this,” Moty says. “So if people have any questions about their specific situation, then they should absolutely give us a call to find out more.”

    If flooding has taken place in your home or storefront, then don’t wait another minute for it to cause more damages in the form of mold growth. Contact Moty and his water damage San Pedro specialists with 911 Restoration Long Beach today for help.

    Subsiding Landscape and Aging Infrastructure Cause Water Leak and Damage

    Moty and his water damage San Pedro team with 911 Restoration Long Beach know all there is to about how to bring a home back to normal after any type of incident, and this is how they were capable of getting straight to work when they got called out to a job recently for a leak caused by outdated pipes and a subsiding landscape.

    Water Damage Restoration Truck At Townhouse“We recently did a project where the home had been built on uneven ground,” Moty says. “Half of it was on stable ground and half of it was on more fluid terrain. When the heavy rains hit, the less stable side of the house shifted a bit and ended up causing leaks and pipe problems in the whole home.”

    Moty and his water damage San Pedro team got straight to work stopping the water flowing out of the many broken pipes, and then they began the extraction process to save the home.

    “We got control over the situation and then took a more thorough account of the damages that happened. Ultimately the house needed to be bolstered to ensure that another heavy rain didn’t make it slip again,” Moty says. “But after that, we were able to completely restore the property to its original condition.”

    If your home is slipping on its foundation due to extreme rain, then don’t wait until it slips further. Contact Moty and the water damage San Pedro experts with 911 Restoration Long Beach today!

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