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Water Damage Long Beach

911 Restoration of Long Beach

Water damage happens when water finds its way into your household and causes destruction in the process, which is why our water damage Long Beach pros at 911 Restoration Long Beach are available 24/7/365 to dispatch our crews to your emergency before the water does the worst of its effects.

Water Damage Technicians Cleaning Carpet After A FloodOur water damage Long Beach unit is crucial in making sure that your home is safe and sound after a water catastrophe. Our operation will give you same day service for all water disasters, including a free inspection.

From the very first second our water damage Long Beach workers set foot at your emergency we will begin using the best gear and equipment to take care of the issues.

After our water damage Long Beach techs have done water removal, our experts will then employ the latest drying technology in your home.

Our water damage Long Beach professionals work with IICRC certified pros and will respond within 45 minutes of receiving your call so that we can get to your emergency quickly and respond by provided services, such as:

  • Remediation of all water damage
  • Black water cleanup
  • Fungi and mold infestation decontamination
  • Mildew deodorization
  • Deodorization services
  • Water extraction and drying
  • Toilet overflow sanitization
  • Mold spore testing services
  • Cleanup of tar and ash residue
  • Smoke stain cleanup and odor removal
  • Overall comprehensive disaster restoration

If you have already had a water episode take place in your home and you want to know if the water damage from your experience will cause mold growth, then contact our water damage Long Beach staff today.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration situations can be overwhelming, but the water damage Long Beach staff is available to help you get through every step of the way, all year round.

We know that acting fast is vital in preventing other damages from happening. So when you call our local office, you will immediately speak to a project manager who will notate all of your situations details, address all of your concerns and ensure there is a licensed bonded and insured technician dispatched to arrive as quickly as we can after receiving your call.

Save your home from the threat of a water damage and take action immediately, by calling the water damage restoration Long Beach experts.

Mold Removal

 Mold can grow for many different reasons. It can happen at any given moment, such as when a pipe leaks and causes water buildup, it can cause bacteria and fungus to grow.

Water Damage That Has Caused Mold GrowthIt only takes time and humidity for to mold to grow. Once the fungi starts to grow it can easily spread into your vents, furniture and even curtains and drapery.

When mold is left untreated, it will cause black stains on pipes, walls, and ceilings and eventually leads to health issues. If you suspect mold is growing inside your property call the mold removal Long Beach experts with 911 Restoration of Long Beach.

With a visual assessment and free estimate, you will know what it takes to remediate your property, so call our mold removal Long Beach team today.

Sewage Backup Cleanup

When it comes to overflow disasters, our team not only arrive to remedy the situation but to execute the cleanup effectively and efficiently. Property owners should not take matters into their own hand as the procedure for cleaning and disinfect the areas is absolutely vital.

Our sewage backup cleanup Long Beach experts know exactly what measure to take to ensure an immaculate job has been done in the cleaning process.

Sewage backup is not just damaging to your property but it can be an incredibly unhealthy hazard for adults, children, and pets. Whether your toilet overflows, have grease build up or your sewer system malfunctions, 911 Restoration of Long Beach will arrive to stop the cause of the overflow prevent additional damage from happening and repair areas that have been affected.

If your home of business is facing the risk sewage backup, call our sewage backup cleanup Long Beach team for immediate assistance.

Fire Damage Restoration

When a property survives a fire water typically consumes the interior of the property and the longer water and bacteria sit in your home, the more damages there will be and the higher your repair bill will be.

Cleanup Of Fire Disaster In Commercial WarehouseAsh and smoke leave a distinct smell and tends to stain walls, furniture, drapery, and floors.

This is why it is important to immediately remediate damages after a fire. The fire and smoke restoration techs with 911 Restoration of Long Beach are equipped with the latest technology to ensure every harmful element is removed from your property.

Our goal is to not just repair the damages but to restore your property even better than its original condition. If your home or business has faced the unfortunate repercussions of fire, call our fire damage restoration Long Beach experts.

Disaster Restoration

The disaster restoration Long Beach pros understand the importance of eradicating water damages immediately to save properties from structural and foundational damage. More importantly, your safety is our number one priority.

To prevent disasters on your property, the disaster restoration Long Beach techs with have simple tips that could help prevent disasters. Some tips include:

  1. Turning off the main water valve before leaving on vacation
  2. Install a smoke detector in every room
  3. Trim trees around your property
  4. Use splash pans under your washer and heaters to leaks

If you find your home or business is facing a possible flood, fire and/or water damage, call the experts with 911 Restoration of Long Beach for solutions. For immediate assistance, reliable solutions and a Fresh Start, call our disaster restoration Long Beach professionals today.

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