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Preparing Your Home and Family for a Hurricane: Tips from 911 Restoration of Long Beach

Published by 911 Restoration Long Beach on August 20, 2023 in category: Uncategorized

Preparing Your Home and Family for a Hurricane: Tips from 911 Restoration of Long Beach

As residents of Long Beach, we understand the potential threats that hurricanes pose to our coastal community. With Hurricane Hilary on the horizon, it’s crucial to be well-prepared to minimize damage to our homes and ensure the safety of our loved ones. In this blog post, we’ve partnered with 911 Restoration of Long Beach to provide you with essential tips on how to prepare your house for a hurricane, how to stay safe during the storm, and whether Hurricane Hilary will affect Long Beach. Preparing Your Home and Family for a Hurricane

Preparing Your House for a Hurricane

Secure Loose Items: Trim trees, secure outdoor furniture, and remove any potential projectiles that could cause damage during strong winds.

Inspect Your Roof: Ensure your roof is in good condition and fix any loose or damaged shingles. Reinforce the roof if necessary.

Seal Windows and Doors: Reinforce windows with storm shutters or board them up with plywood. Seal doors with weatherstripping to prevent water infiltration.

Clear Gutters and Drains: Remove debris from gutters and drains to prevent clogging and flooding.

Backup Power: Consider investing in a generator to keep essential appliances running during power outages.

Staying Safe During a Hurricane

Create an Emergency Kit: Pack a kit with essential items such as non-perishable food, water, medications, flashlights, batteries, and important documents.

Stay Indoors: Once the hurricane hits, stay indoors. Going outside can put you at risk from flying debris and strong winds.

Stay Informed: Keep a battery-powered radio or access to emergency alerts to stay updated on the storm’s progress.

Avoid Flooded Areas: Don’t walk, swim, or drive through floodwaters, as they can be deeper and more dangerous than they appear.

Have a Communication Plan: Ensure you have a way to communicate with family members in case you get separated. Use text messages instead of calls, as they use less bandwidth.

Will Long Beach be Affected by Hurricane Hilary?

The Port of Long Beach is preparing for a significant weather system resulting from Hurricane Hilary, currently located off the coast of Mexico. 

Preparing for a hurricane is a responsibility we all share as residents of Long Beach. By taking the necessary steps to secure our homes, create emergency plans, and stay informed, we can greatly reduce the potential impact of these powerful storms. Remember, 911 Restoration of Long Beach is here to provide support and assistance during times of crisis. Stay safe, stay informed, and let’s weather the storm together.

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